Press Release Mar 28, 2022

New Poll Finds National Parks Are Unifying, Bipartisan Issue in West Virginia

Across party lines, West Virginians support their representatives in Congress taking a strong stand in supporting policies to protect and strengthen national parks.

CHARLESTON, W. Va- Today, the National Parks Conservation Association released new data showing that across party lines, West Virginians support their representatives in Congress taking a strong stand in supporting policies to protect and strengthen national parks.

NPCA commissioned TargetPoint Consulting to conduct a statewide survey of West Virginians’ opinions on national parks, climate change and their elected officials. Regardless of political affiliation, surveyed voters overwhelmingly think favorably of members of Congress that support protecting and strengthening our national parks. This polling also indicates 85% of West Virginia voters believe their state’s national parks are helping the economy.

Key findings also suggest that West Virginia voters’ environmental interests extend beyond national parks. More than half of surveyed voters think climate change is currently affecting their local community. And nearly three-quarters of surveyed voters across party lines, would support major federal legislation to help West Virginia national parks and communities confront climate change.

The data also concludes that West Virginians believe federal lawmakers should do more to protect water quality, wildlife, and clean air across the state. To view the full results of the survey, learn more here.

This follows a recent national NPCA poll which found America’s more than 420 national parks are physical and political solutions for addressing climate change. This poll also found that most Americans, regardless of political party, would be more likely to support a representative who supported a bill that was designed to reduce the impact of climate change on national parks.

NPCA works to protect national parks and communities from the causes and detrimental effects of climate change. From the halls of Congress to the courtroom, we fight to ensure our nation’s bedrock environmental laws are strong and hold polluters and the government accountable to those safeguards. We also advocate for place-based climate policies and best practices that value the needs of vulnerable populations as we seek to ensure our national parks endure.

Statement of Samantha Nygaard, West Virginia Program Manager for The National Parks Conservation Association:

“From the thundering waterfalls at New River Gorge to the breathtaking panoramic views at Harpers Ferry, our West Virginia national parks are worth fighting for. This polling makes it clear that West Virginians of all political stripes want their elected officials to do just that.

“West Virginians know the value of clean air, clean water, and the wild and wonderful national parks in our backyards. Visitors to our great Mountain State know it too, contributing millions to our booming tourism economy, supporting numerous local businesses.

“This new data shows that despite political differences, our parks and outdoor spaces have the power to bring us together.

“We are grateful to members of the West Virginia delegation who have taken a stand for our parks in Congress many times. Now, we are urging Congress to push for additional federal legislation that will fund our national parks, protect our communities and natural resources from climate change, and give West Virginians good jobs conserving our outdoor wonders.”


About the National Parks Conservation Association: Since 1919, the nonpartisan National Parks Conservation Association has been the leading voice in safeguarding our national parks. NPCA and its more than 1.6 million members and supporters work together to protect and preserve our nation’s most iconic and inspirational places for future generations. For more information, visit

About TargetPoint Consulting: TargetPoint Consulting is a full service public opinion market research firm lead by the nation’s foremost experts, including Michael Meyers, a polling expert with more than two decades of experience including clients such as the presidential campaigns of President Bush, Senator McCain, and Senator Romney, as well as state legislatures, corporate, and advocacy organizations.

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