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Create Your Park Time Capsule

As NPCA celebrates 101 years on May 19th, we’re embracing this second century of park protection by inviting park lovers to create their own time capsules!

While many of us are home, now is a great time to reflect on past trips and give thought to what our futures might look like – while also envisioning the future of our national parks.

While what goes into your capsule will depend on you or your family, we suggest including some of the below park-inspired items. Snap photos of your time capsule in progress and tag us [Twitter: @NPCA / Instagram: @npcapics / Facebook: Post in our Protect Our Parks group] so we can share on our channels!

Park mementos:

  • Postcards (with a memory jotted down!)
  • Printed photos (with some details and dates written on the back!)
  • Magnets
  • Keychains
  • Pins/Buttons
  • Ornaments
  • Patches or badges (if you don’t have your own, you can print some here (PDF, 9.3 MB))
  • Photos of park passport stamps

Add a thoughtful and personal touch by hand-writing some of these:

  • A story about a past park visit (along with a photo!)
    • o After you’ve handwritten your story, type it up and share it with us on My Park Story!
  • Your current favorite national park, and why (compare to your future favorite when you open it!)
  • A letter to your future self on:
    • o Which parks do you hope to visit one day? (Take our quiz for ideas)
    • o Why do you think it’s important that we protect our national parks?
    • o What are you doing today to help protect parks for future generations … and future you? (Check out our advocacy page for inspiration & ways to take action)
    • o What do you hope future generations will do to protect parks?
    • o 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. What do you hope our Earth looks like in another 50 years?

Activities for kids to include (be sure they add their name, age and date!). Note that these will vary by age:

  • Draw a picture of themselves in a park
  • Complete a coloring page (see our kid-friendly activities on ParkIt!)
  • What is their favorite park? Draw it.
  • Which park do they want to visit someday?
  • Have them write a pledge to their future selves to help protect national parks/wildlife/air/water/the environment, etc.
  • What is their favorite wildlife animal? Draw it, write what it is, and maybe give it a name. (Help them take our quiz to find out which endangered park animal they are!)
  • Download our park badge projects (PDF, 9.3 MB) for ways they can earn and use badges.

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