Blog Post Sarah Duensing Jan 2, 2019

What Endangered Animal Are You?

Take our quiz to find out.

National parks provide habitat for 600 or so threatened and endangered species, and wildlife viewing is one of the top reasons people visit parks. What rare, charismatic creature do you share a few things in common with? Take our quiz to find out.

NPCA and its supporters have been fighting attempts by Congress to weaken the Endangered Species Act, a critical piece of legislation that has helped protect the rarest and most vulnerable plants and animals since 1973. Learn more about endangered national park animals and how to protect them on NPCA’s Wildlife & Wild Lands website.


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  • Sarah Duensing Former Senior Communications Coordinator

    As the Senior Communication Coordinator at NPCA, Sarah Duensing worked on a variety of projects, including the blog, advocacy actions and National Parks magazine.

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