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Civic Voice Workshops

NPCA's Civic Voice Workshops empower individuals, teach life skills and cultivate confidence through hands-on, experiential activities.

Civic Voice Workshop (vertical) - AIA NERO

Members of the American Institute of Architects participate in a Civic Voice Workshop.

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Speaking at a public hearing, meeting with a local elected official or writing a letter to the editor can be intimidating. Where do you start? How do you learn about the issues that matter to you? And, does one voice make a difference?

Since 2013, NPCA has trained more than 1,700 individuals through dozens of workshops, creating new generations of advocates while fostering dialogue around the issues that matter in our parks and communities.

Our staff host workshops across the country, engaging audiences of all ages. Together, we’re learning how to speak up and defend parks.

To learn more about this program, watch this introductory video:

Spanish version available here.

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