Comment Jul 10, 2017

Technical Comments Submitted to National Monuments Review

In response to a Department of the Interior review of national monuments, as directed by Executive Order 13792, NPCA has submitted technical comments in defense of specific sites.

President Trump’s Executive Order on the Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act signed on April 26, 2017 directs the Secretary of the Department of Interior to provide the Office of Management and Budget and President Trump with potential recommendations “for such Presidential actions, legislative proposals, or other actions consistent with law as the Secretary may consider appropriate to carry out the policy set forth in section 1 of this order.” Section 1 of the order broadly talks about public input, economic growth, the “original objectives” of the Antiquities Act and “appropriately balanc[ing] the protection of landmarks, structures, and objects against the appropriate use of Federal lands and the effects on surrounding lands and communities.”

The current review by the Department of Interior of 27 national monuments does not provide any legal avenue for the president to rescind or reduce in size any national monument. No president has the legal authority to rescind or materially modify any national monument proclaimed under the Antiquities Act.

NPCA has submitted technical comments on the following national monuments:

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