Video Jan 31, 2017

Time for the Grizzly?

Now is the time to restore the North Cascades grizzly bear! The North Cascades Ecosystem is the only remaining grizzly bear population on the West Coast of the contiguous United States. Although grizzlies have lived in the North Cascades for thousands of years, biologists estimate that fewer than 10 remain today, making it the most at-risk bear population in North America.

After decades of research, the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies have released proposals to support recovery of this iconic species. This is welcome news, and a historic conservation opportunity. But just how do we restore these magnificent animals?

Follow the story of grizzly bear recovery in Montana’s Cabinet Mountains, through the lens of Ecologist and bear expert Chris Morgan. Grizzly recovery in the Cabinet Mountains, done through science and community involvement, could serve as a model for the North Cascades. Learn more and help #SavetheCascadesGrizzly at

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Director, Executive Producer, Writer & Narrator - Chris Morgan

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A Chris Morgan Wildlife Production.

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