Report Nov 18, 2015

Dominion’s Proposed Transmission Towers - Issues and Alternatives

This report finds that the basis for the proposed project is flawed and there is time to determine – and implement – better ways of supplying reliable electricity to the area.

Dominion Virginia Power wants to construct 17 massive, obstructive electric transmission towers across the James River at Jamestown as well as 27 additional towers throughout the landscape. This terrible plan would forever scar historic Jamestown, Colonial National Historical Park, the Captain John Smith Trail, and other beloved historic sites that tell our shared American story.

Dominion claims that building these new transmission towers across the James River at Jamestown is the only way to provide the necessary power to the Hampton Roads area without having rolling blackouts after the company closes a local coal-burning power plant that will soon be in violation of EPA pollution standards.

However, this report shows that the data Dominion is using is outdated. In fact, Dominion’s proposal is based on electricity use on hot summer days growing 1.9% each year but actual electricity use on hot summer days dropped in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Furthermore, actual energy use by the area’s military sites dropped 9.8% from FY11-FY14.

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