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10 Ways to Adventure Responsibly

Since 2015, Travelodge® by Wyndham has partnered with the National Parks Conservation Association to drive awareness for the preservation of our nation’s favorite places, while its nationwide hotel locations provide a basecamp for adventurers.

Whenever you’re ready, wherever you’re ready, we’re here to help you adventure responsibly! Here are 10 ways to help protect and preserve our parks during your travels.

Here are ten ways to help protect and preserve our parks during your travels.

  • Pack reusable items

    to help keep plastic waste out of our parks and out of the landfill — including water bottles, coffee mugs, tote bags and reusable straws. Remove as much plastic packaging (e.g., from food items) as you can before your visit.

  • Please don’t litter.

    Properly dispose of all waste you aren’t able to pack out. Carefully read designated signage on all waste and recycling receptacles to determine what is recyclable and compostable in each park.

  • Keep wildlife wild and alive.

    Don’t feed wild animals, as they will become desensitized to humans if they become accustomed to being fed. Not only does this harm animals, but when bears, coyotes and other animals see people as food sources, it can cause wildlife to become less afraid and more likely to approach humans, creating potentially dangerous situations.

  • Lather on reef-friendly sunscreen.

    Sunscreen is essential no matter the time of year, but many traditional brands include ingredients like oxybenzone, octinoxate and other toxic components that can damage aquatic life and harm coral reefs.

  • Seeing wildlife in person can be exciting, but also dangerous.

    Give wildlife plenty of room and keep a safe distance during your visit. If wildlife reacts to your presence, you are too close.

  • Look but please do not touch.

    While some aspects of national park landscapes and sites may seem unbreakable, it is a good reminder to appreciate all from a distance – for example, be sure not to disturb artifacts, touch cave walls, lean on dwellings or climb trees. And always be sure to treat cultural sites and the resources within with respect.

  • Purchase souvenirs from lodges, park stores or local shops

    and leave rocks, vegetation and artifacts where you find them for others to enjoy. Seemingly small objects such as twigs and stones are part of much larger ecosystems that nourish and shelter a range of plant and animal species.

  • Stay on designated roads and trails

    (and within their boundaries) to avoid damaging flora and fauna that surround them. Pay special attention to avoiding sensitive areas, such as meadows, lakeshores, wetlands and streams. Check trail signs and be mindful of barriers and fences.

  • Take smart selfies.

    Be aware of your surroundings when you take pictures. Standing too close to the edges of cliffs, overlooks or waterfalls can put you in danger, and posting these kinds of photos encourages other people to take similar risks. Be respectful when taking photos at sacred and cultural sites and always get permission before taking photos of others.

  • Support responsible tour companies

    that support cultural heritage, maximize the economic benefits in the destinations they operate in, and establish guidelines for managing environmental impacts. NPCA carefully vets our tour partners, so consider taking an NPCA trip. For more information, visit

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