Miché Lozano (they/he/el) is the Arizona Program Manager for the Southwest Regional Office and joined NPCA in March of 2022. They hold a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management from Northern Arizona University and have an extensive background as a conservationist and a community organizer committed to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI).

Miché is a “Them in STEM” and is of Transgender experience. They are a first generation Mexican American, an immigrant with Indigenous roots in Mexico. Their multicultural background and their love of observing nature and studying natural science fuels their passion for connecting with new people and places. Miché has served as a wildlife biologist, urban naturalist and outdoor science instructor for many years and traveled across the West Coast working throughout Arizona, California and Oregon. They have been an ambassador for the national organization Latino Outdoors since 2015, where they developed outdoor programming and environmental education and focused on breaking down barriers to nature access for historically underserved communities.

As Arizona Program Manager they are committed to protecting public lands and working with local and Indigenous communities to holistically strengthen the resiliency of our national parks and the environment.

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