Greetings from Arches National Park

This is Ellen S. Faith. She was never happier during our 45 years of marriage than when we were visiting a National Park. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, we created The National Park-off, a humorous challenge to our friends. The object was to visit all the National Parks before dying. When Wegener’s disease took out her kidneys, she simply scheduled dialysis treatments at clinics near parks we had not visited and we continued until she passed away in 2015. I miss her so very much, but she did not live to have to see the Parks threatened as they are now. I hope everyone will stand with the Parks and make sure they are there for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.


Arches National Park

With more than 2,000 natural stone arches, this landmark park offers more of these distinctive rock formations than anywhere else in the world. Wind and water, extreme temperatures, and a shifting underground salt bed sculpted the red rock over time into the area's spectacular and often delicate shapes. These arches can be large and impressive like the famous Delicate Arch, or just slivers in the sandstone.

State(s): Utah

Established: 1929

“When you drive into a National Park you notice a change in the people for the better. We all need the experiences that only the Parks seem to bring out in us.”

National parks represent the best of America. Why do you care about protecting and preserving them? Tell us why parks matter to you!

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  • Greetings from Arches National Park

    I have spent most of my life living in suburbs of large cities in the eastern part of the U.S. One summer my wife and I ventured west and spent some time in Arches National Park. What impressed me the most was "silence". It was so quiet! "Quiet" is something…

  • Greetings from Arches National Park

    No story -- just to say what is left of our unspoiled national parks and wilderness areas must stay absolutely protected. Should they be spoiled there will be no replacement.

  • Greetings from Arches National Park

    In 1965, as part of a summer visiting parks, we were at Arches, then only a National Monument, and Canyonlands which had been designated a Park the previous year. We camped and the first full day joined a ranger hike, walking at the rear with another ranger for company. We…


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