Greetings from Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Bison & Wild Horses Under Aurora Borealis—

I was born in North Dakota during the blizzard of 50/51. Since I’ve never been back to Riverdale, I decided to take my wife to see the sites of my home state. “You want to take me to North Dakota in March?!” Well the point was to see some migrating birds at nearby Audubon National Refuge, sadly that late winter had them all hunkered down on the Platte River in Nebraska. While we did see some birds and other wildlife, we hoped for better weather and viewing down in Medora. Theodore Roosevelt NP did not disappointment! Patti was delighted with our early season visit—businesses were just opening for the season when we arrived. The beauty of open spaces combined with Prairie Dog towns, bison and wild horses 🐴 was delightful to have all to ourselves. And to top it off, Patti got to see her first Northern Lights on one dark night out in the Park. A memorable visit for sure.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Long before Theodore Roosevelt became America’s 26th president, he spent years as a rancher in the rugged lands preserved by this national park.

State(s): North Dakota

Established: 1947

“Whether we visit them all or not, their presence is good for the soul.. ”

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