Greetings from Pinnacles National Park

My trip to Pinnacles was the first time in a long time I seized the opportunity to be out in nature, and I’m glad I had the chance. We spent the better part of our day on the main hiking trail up to the crest. We followed the trail at times, and occasionally found smaller, less disturbed paths to explore. The park was beautifully maintained, and it was as easy as we could possibly expect to get around and appreciate the scenery and wildlife. The steep and narrow section threw me through a loop, essentially being a ladder carved into the cliff face which led to one of the pinnacles which gives the park its name. Coming back down we had the good fortune to spot a California Condor, a bird which may not be existent in the wild for the remainder of my own life. Since we had about an hour of daylight left, we also made our way through the balconies talus cave system, which was a magnificent product of geology, erosion, and water. So dark we had to bring a flashlight, it was a bit of a squeeze to make it all the way through and back to camp. I feel as though we had the full Pinnacles experience while we were there, and it’s definitely a destination I’d recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing hike with beautiful views. #SFSU


Pinnacles National Park

The jagged rocks at this park formed from the remains of an ancient volcano. This volcano used to be located about 200 miles south of its current location, but tectonic forces along the San Andreas Fault moved these rocks at a pace of a little more than half an inch per year over a period of 23 million years to what is now the national park. Today, these towering spires attract hikers and climbers, as well as falcons, golden eagles and California condors. The park also features grasslands, chaparral, forests and rare talus caves.

State(s): California

Established: 1908

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