Greetings from Everglades National Park

My family and I began visiting and camping in National Parks when the first of the children were babies. One reason was that the Parks were an economical way to vacation the other reasons was a love of history and the outdoors. I have visited National Parks in 49 of the 50 states plus Puerto Rica. I’ve seen them when we were keeping them in great condition and unfortunately in their present state of neglect. The Parks are important to me and, I believe, to our nation. Fourteen years ago when I turned 65, I requested my Golden Park Pass card so that I could continue to visit them as I age, but so far I’ve have continued to be able to donate and support them each year.


Everglades National Park

One of the largest wetlands in the world, this iconic "River of Grass" protects 1.5 million acres of subtropical wilderness in South Florida.

State(s): Florida

Established: 1947

“I think they are vital to our nation and its future, yet most of our elected officials do not think they are important enough to fund and maintain.”

National parks represent the best of America. Why do you care about protecting and preserving them? Tell us why parks matter to you!

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  • Greetings from Everglades National Park

    Everglades nat park for every one. Adults,photographer,children. wonderful place.

  • Greetings from Everglades National Park

    I ran my first ever half marathon in Everglades National Park. It was an amazing experience to run through the poetically termed River of Grass while the sun rose. Seeing the wildlife and the vast expanses of unbroken natural beauty is something I will never forget.

  • Greetings from Everglades National Park

    Years ago after spending a great deal of my life being a Florida native, I visited Everglades National Park. I remember being in the southern most tip of the swampy mass at the Flamingo park headquarters. There I had a conversation with a ranger who had ultra white long hair…


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