Greetings from Chaco Culture National Historical Park

A hidden gem, and really off the radar for most people, this area is a few hours from anywhere in New Mexico! Chaco Canyon was mysterious, surreal, and absolutely amazing. The Anasazi Indians built a great city here thousands of years ago. Some of the structures were originally 7 stories high. There’s amazing stonework in the structures that you can ramble around in, great day hikes all around, an observatory, and a small campsite. When you want to really celebrate ancient history in America and walk the natural beauty in a somewhat remote section of New Mexico, Chaco Culture National Historical Park perfectly hits the spot.


Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Chaco Culture National Historical Park preserves five Chacoan "great houses" where people from various clans congregated to trade goods, share ideas and celebrate events a thousand years ago. The structures demonstrate the high skill of the Chacoan people, with sophisticated architecture and construction methods. Explore the nine-mile park road and backcountry trails by day; after dark, the park's night sky program offers the chance to view the stars from this sacred and special place.

State(s): New Mexico

Established: 1907

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