Greetings from Big Bend National Park

This photo is a picture of the Window at Big Bend National Park in Brewster County of West Texas. At the Window, I have a profound family story of my Great Grandmother who was Native American was savagely taken when a brutal Native American Warfare Outbreak between the two Native American Tribes who were always fighting to have access to Emory Peak at Big Bend National Park in the late mid 1870’s. Emory Peak was their security because from the peak, you can almost see fifteen to twenty miles around the park in both Texas and Mexico through the Window. I have 37% Native American Ethnicity, and these two parks in Texas are mystical and sacred to my family because these grounds before they were declared national parks were sacred to my Native American Ancestors.


Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park features broad expanses of Chihuahuan Desert shrubland and grassland interspersed with smaller areas of high-elevation woodland in the Chisos Mountains. Rugged rocks and deep canyons along the Rio Grande are among the park's most striking features; wetlands and springs add to the park's biological diversity. Visitors can explore the rugged trails, seek out the colorful array of birds and wildflowers, and spread out on a blanket after dark enjoying some of the darkest night skies in the country.

State(s): Texas

Established: 1935

“The parks especially Big Bend National Park and Guadalupe National Park in Texas are precious to my family on both my paternal and maternal sides. Also, the Presidio in San Francisco, was where my Paternal Ancestors first lived when they were members of the DeAnza and De Portola Expeditions which colonized Alta California for Spain in the late 1700's. Over the last 60 years, I have hundreds of beautiful memories and I want my family and my descendants to be able to do same in the future! Our parks are our national treasure. ”

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