Greetings from Sequoia National Park

My family has resided in Visalia CA for over 37 years. A couple of the children have relocated to other parts. Before relocating to this San Joaquin Valley, we intently wanted to learn about the area. Our decision was driven for the love the area, which at that time, it was of a lesser population. It was amazing to know how the majestic Sierra mountain range was right in our backyard! In growing our family, I cannot express enough the gratitude and love for the Sequoias, Kings and Yosemite National Parks. We were a camping family and have kept many fond memories of our experiences of these natural wonders.

It hurts me to hear of the devastation caused by the years of drought and the bark beetle, climatic changes, and carelessness of mankind, and the fact forest management has not prevailed in taking care of our vital natural resources in timely manners.

Our population is growing immensely in the United States. Many have diverted their interest in our natural wonders. But there has to be a balance with nature, wildlife and humans. With the increased influx of tourism, the national parks are paying heavily for the detriments of excessive use on the trails, lakes and rivers.

With much concern and salvation of our National Parks, why has there not been an initiative proposed to mandate closure of our natural wonders for 1 month out of the summer, so our wildlife and natural resources can somewhat recoup from excessive use.

Here is hoping that something more can be accomplished in preserving our fragile parks.

Thank you for this opportunity to expressive my views.

Respectfully submitted,

Yolanda Berlin


Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is home to the tallest mountain in the Lower 48 and the largest tree on earth. Mount Whitney's granite peak rises 14,505 feet above sea level on the arduous High Sierra trail. General Sherman, a sequoia in the Giant Forest, is the world's most voluminous living tree specimen, standing 275 feet high with a base circumference of over 100 feet. The park also features spectacular waterfalls and more than 200 marble caves.

State(s): California

Established: 1890

“I support the parks because they are natural beauties that bring peacefulness and amazement. ”

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