Greetings from Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

I celebrated my 60th birthday hiking the spectacular trails of this park and seeing a glacier.


Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

This park on the coast of southeast Alaska offers snowy mountain peaks, narrow fjords, bays, harbors, scattered islands, a temperate rainforest of spruces and hemlocks, and numerous glaciers. Two hundred years ago, the area was covered by a glacier more than 4,000 feet thick that extended more than 100 miles to the St. Elias Mountain Range. By the 20th century, it had drawn back 65 miles from the bay's mouth. This is the most rapid glacial retreat ever recorded. Today, icebergs continue to break off into the bay.

State(s): Alaska

Established: 1925

“I love the national parks. It is my retirement goal to visit all of them. Thank you for your efforts to protect them, especially your voice against those who seek to undercut the truth and science.”

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