Greetings from Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park

As a Park Ranger working at the Abraham Lincoln National Historical Park, I have come to understand the importance of our job. So many of our visitors arrive at our park with what, to me, are the most basic of questions. They ask “Who was Abraham Lincoln?” and make statements like “I never knew he was born in Kentucky, I always thought he was born in Illinois.” It is obvious that the school are no longer teaching what is important, true history. If our National Parks are not preserved and funded properly our history will continue to fall through the cracks and people will not know. Good educational programs and outreach programs are extremely important. Those programs will allow us into the schools where we, the ‘experts’, can reach the generations of tomorrow and plant the seeds that grow into a real interest in our parks throughout America.


Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park

Explore Abraham Lincoln's humble beginnings by visiting the remnants of two farm sites where Lincoln was born and lived until he was seven. Visitors can see a log cabin similar to Lincoln’s first home and stroll several hiking trails imagining what Lincoln’s childhood was like.

State(s): Kentucky

Established: 1916

“History is extremely important; especially since much of our history is no longer taught in the public school system. Along with that, many young kids come to our park from major cities. They have never seen much of the stuff that we (Park Rangers) take for granted, such as deer, squirrels, and large trees and flowers. It is extremely important to preserve and protect those things so future generations can have a place to come and learn and see first hand.”

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