Volunteer weekend near the beautiful Valles Caldera!

Roll up your sleeves and join us for an opportunity to help protect the Valles Caldera, and enjoy a weekend camping and getting to know that beautiful landscape and the lands connected to it.

Although the Preserve has a long history of livestock grazing, it is no longer allowed along the sensitive streams and wetlands within its boundaries. But grazing is permitted on Forest Service lands surrounding the Preserve, and unfortunately, there have been cases of unauthorized cattle coming into the Preserve from adjacent grazing lands in the national forest. Cattle are often found in riparian areas of the park, causing damage to streams, wetlands and vegetation.

NPCA is working to connect volunteers with the Albuquerque Wildlife Federation and Rio Grande Return who are hosting volunteers for a camping workshop later this month. Volunteers will help repair fencing to ensure cattle stay on adjacent grazing land and assist with stream restoration efforts to repair streambank erosion, improving the health of the watershed.

Event Details

WHAT: Volunteer weekend to help repair fences and assist with in-stream restoration projects.

WHEN: Friday, June 21 - Sunday, June 23. Weekend details and registration can be found on Albuquerque Wildlife Federation’s event page. You are welcome to attend any portion of the weekend!

WHERE: San Antonio Creek, Jemez Mountains, right next door to the Valles Caldera National Preserve

RSVP: Click here for more information and to sign up.

DETAILS: Camping is available Friday 6/21 and Saturday 6/22 nights. Volunteer work days will be Saturday 6/22 and the morning of Sunday 6/23.

Please join this weekend of watershed restoration and fence repairs to help protect the riparian ecosystem of the beautiful Valles Caldera National Preserve!

calendary icon Date June 21 - 23, 2024
  • Location:
    San Antonio Creek in the Jemez Mountains
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