Press Release Apr 3, 2014

National Parks Group Supports Roundup of Illegal Cattle Grazing on Nevada's Public Lands

Statement by Lynn Davis, Senior Nevada Program Manager, National Parks Conservation Association

“In protecting the legacy of our public lands, the National Parks Conservation Association supports plans to roundup an illegal cattle herd on property managed by the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service near Bunkerville, Nevada. This last-resort option by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and other agencies has been nearly two decades in the making. Mr. Bundy, the rancher who has illegally grazed cattle on lands which include parts of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, was given more than ample time to self-comply with laws that protect the public interest in enjoying our shared lands. NPCA is joined by diverse conservation and recreation organizations, as well as law-abiding citizens who value America’s special places and want to see them protected for generations to come.”

“This land is our land – owned by and managed for all Americans. Instead of continuing to disregard the court orders, Mr. Bundy should end the illegal grazing damage and join the thousands of hard-working, law-abiding individuals and businesses of varying sizes and categories that respect the privilege of operating on public lands. To allow him to continue to flaunt laws that others adhere to is an affront to all Americans.”

“Nevada residents and travelers from around the world enjoy the Gold Butte Area including Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Grand Canyon Parashant for a diversity of reasons ranging from scenic driving, hiking, camping, hunting, wildlife and dark sky viewing. While other ranchers in the area agreed years ago to reduce cattle grazing in the area, Mr. Bundy’s cattle continue to remain, damaging visitor experiences and the desert landscape that provides habitat for sensitive plants and contains rich cultural sites.”

“While our western lands continue to provide incredible opportunities for wild experiences, we have evolved past the ‘wild west’ era. The courts, which Mr. Bundy sought resolution from, have decisively ruled and now we must move forward. Americans deserve certainty that their lands are protected as planned and paid for, and that their safety, and that of public land managers, is not at risk.”


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