Press Release Nov 7, 2011

Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park in New Jersey Makes #397

Statement by NPCA Senior Northeast Regional Director Alexander Brash

“Today’s designation makes Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park our 397th national park site and we are thrilled.  Not only are the falls an amazing natural feature worth protecting and deserving of this designation, but the sluiceways built around them played a major role in our nation’s history during the Industrial Revolution and were once referred to by Alexander Hamilton as an example of American growth and innovation.

“The incredibly positive economic impact that the National Park Service presence has had on the town of Lowell, Massachusetts with its development of the historic mills there, is a successful model to follow for Paterson.  Paterson Great Falls too has great potential to help the local economy to promote economic development and revitalize nearby communities, offering opportunities to create partnerships for educational and interpretation programs with local partners.

“Visited by nearly 300 million people annually, our national parks are economic drivers and are critical for supporting the livelihood of businesses and communities nationwide.  A study commissioned by NPCA found that every federal dollar invested in national parks generates at least four dollars of economic value to the public. In addition, national parks support $13.3 billion of local private-sector economic activity and 267,000 private-sector jobs.

“National parks across the country provide opportunities to learn about our nation’s heritage.  They are the soul of America, telling our diverse stories and teaching valuable lessons about our shared heritage. They are the places we go for reflection, inspiration, and connection to our natural and cultural heritage.  Together we must protect these treasured places for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.”