Press Release Oct 13, 2010

Parks Group Applauds New Report Calling for Long Term Federal Commitment for Everglades Restoration

New report shows consistent funding needed for further restoration projects

“The National Research Council’s (NRC) third biennial report to Congress outlines a number of achievements and challenges facing America’s Everglades, 10 years after the original Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan was adopted in 2000. Notably, four restoration projects are under way and a series of pilot projects have begun to address fundamental scientific questions; however significant hurdles threaten to derail the current momentum for Everglades restoration efforts.

“The unprecedented funding received from Congress in 2009 delivered essential progress for Everglades restoration, including the creation of South Florida jobs for vital construction projects underway, such as the bridging of Tamiami Trail. The NRC’s progress report highlights the increased importance of continued federal investment in Everglades restoration in order to avoid the additional decline of the Everglades ecosystem.

“The NRC’s report also encourages increased public participation and explains that public support is essential for Everglades Restoration. The success of our restoration efforts hinges on this collaborative effort and without it will be like trying to drive a car with no gas, and we won’t get very far.

“Working together we can ensure America’s Everglades is preserved and protected for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.”


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