Press Release Jan 4, 2013

Agreement by Federal Agencies to Address Mega-Polluter Navajo Generating Station Welcome; Swift Action Needed to Improve Air Quality at Regional National Parks, Wilderness Areas

Statement by Kevin Dahl, Arizona Program Manager, National Parks Conservation Association

“Though long overdue, Friday’s announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the departments of the Interior (DOI) and Energy (DOE) to work together in an effort to rein in the pollution caused by the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) near Page, Arizona, is welcome news. For far too long this plant has been allowed to pump pollution into the skies above our beloved Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde national parks and into the lungs of the tens of thousands of people who live near it, especially those in the Navajo Nation. In a letter of agreement the EPA, DOI and DOE are setting up the framework to have a collaborative relationship with each other as well as with other stakeholders to explore cleaner alternatives for Navajo Generating Station’s electricity.

“NGS is one of the biggest polluters in the nation. Operating with antiquated technology, this massive coal-fired power plant spews millions of tons of pollution into the Four Corners region every year. In 1977 Congress mandated that antiquated coal plants like NGS modernize to reduce their impact on treasured national parks and wilderness areas and the EPA must soon propose a clean technology retrofit plan for NGS under the “Regional Haze Rule.” It is vital that in enacting this agreement, these federal agencies must not create a process that further delays the badly needed cleanup of NGS.

“NPCA looks forward to working with these three agencies to develop an innovative plan to better address the plant’s many problems. With the right framework, we will be able to address both the short term need to control toxic emissions and to set the stage for a cleaner energy future.”


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