Press Release Dec 13, 2023

After a Summer of Chaos, Yosemite Brings Reservations Back

“Visitors to Yosemite, especially those from underrepresented communities, deserve a positive experience, not gridlock traffic" -- NPCA's Sierra Nevada Program Manager Mark Rose

MARIPOSA, CA – Yosemite National Park staff today announced its “Peak Hours Plus” program for 2024, an updated version of its visitor use management system piloted in 2020-2022.

“We strongly support the return of Yosemite’s reservation system in 2024, particularly following a summer where no limitations at park gates led to frequent hours’ long traffic jams, Valley closures, and untold damage to natural and cultural resources,” said Mark Rose Sierra Nevada Program Manager for National Parks Conservation Association. “Visitors to Yosemite, especially those from underrepresented communities, deserve a positive experience, not gridlock traffic. Beyond 2024, we urge the Park Service to move once and for all towards a permanent reservation system.“

Reservations and other managed access systems in national parks have proven successful in recent years. 84% of respondents to a 2022 Utah State University research survey indicated they would like to have a reservation system in place for future visits to Arches National Park. And after years of study and consideration, Rocky Mountain is advancing a plan that could lead to making its popular timed-entry system permanent.

"Yosemite, along with Arches, Glacier, and Zion are among the parks that charted a new course over the last several years with visitor management systems,” said Cassidy Jones, Senior Visitation Program Manager for the National Parks Conservation Association. “Reservations for our busiest parks offer visitors an experience to match their expectations. Visitors come to parks to feel the invigorating mist of Yosemite’s waterfalls not the stress of circling parking lots. Across the country, we applaud the Park Service for adapting for current and future visitors’ needs and urge them to make these systems permanent.”

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