Press Release Sep 30, 2023

Parks Group Urges Congress Not to Cut National Park Funding as Short-Term Agreement is Made to Avoid Shutdown

"Congress must hit reset and come to an agreement on a funding bill that invests more in our national parks, not less." - Theresa Pierno, NPCA's President and CEO

Washington, DC – Congress has reached a short-term budget resolution to keep funding at current levels and our government, including our 425 national parks open. Congress now has 45 days to come to a longer-term spending agreement, but uncertainty remains for park visitors, staff and communities as the House of Representatives seeks to move a damaging spending bill that would slash park budgets.

The House Interior and Environment appropriations proposed spending bill is scheduled to move forward on the House floor within the next two weeks, which if passed would drastically cut $433 million (12.5%) from the Park Service’s budget. This reduction could mean as many as 1,000 fewer staff to ensure visitor experience and safety and visitor center closures.

So that all parks can remain open and adequately staffed to keep visitors safe and irreplaceable resources protected, Congress must work to pass a funding bill that values our national parks and surrounding communities, not the damaging cuts proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Statement by Theresa Pierno, President and CEO for National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA):

“National park staff and communities across the country can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that our parks will remain open and can continue to welcome visitors for now. The impact of another government shutdown on our national parks would have been incredibly damaging, disrupting so many lives unnecessarily. Unfortunately, ongoing funding disagreements threaten cuts to the National Park Service’s budget. And in a matter of weeks, our parks could again find themselves in the same situation they just narrowly avoided.

“Congress must hit reset and come to an agreement on a funding bill that invests more in our national parks, not less. The drastic cuts to the Park Service’s budget proposed by House of Representatives should be a nonstarter for anyone who cares about our national parks and public lands.”


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