Policy Update Jun 14, 2022

Position on H.R. 2773, Recovering America's Wildlife Act

NPCA sent the following policy positon to Members of the House of Representatives ahead of an anticipated floor vote on H.R. 2773 scheduled for June 14, 2022. 

H.R. 2773 - Recovering America’s Wildlife Act of 2021: NPCA supports this legislation, which would commit $1.3 billion annually to implement state and territorial wildlife action plans, and $97.5 million annually to tribal wildlife programs. From the Everglades to Denali, investments that states, territories, and tribes make specific to plant and wildlife management on park adjacent lands are fundamentally linked to the future of species within park boundaries. In a changing climate, increased investment in habitat and species protection is critical to park plant and wildlife resiliency and adaptation. Additionally, RAWA ensures at least 15 percent of funding will go toward recovering species listed under the Endangered Species Act. Over 600 threatened and endangered species depend on habitat in national parks and adjacent landscapes.