Press Release Apr 12, 2018

Administration Moves to Weaken Park Air Protections

Directive looks to undermine air pollution rules for national parks.

WASHINGTON – President Trump today signed a memorandum directing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take steps to undermine two critical clean air protections for national parks.

The memo, among other things, directs the EPA to weaken requirements for two critical Clean Air Act rules, the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and the Regional Haze Rule. Both rules are essential to protecting national parks ecosystems, visitors and surrounding communities from air pollution generated by coal-fired power plants and other sources.

The following is a statement by Stephanie Kodish, Clean Air Program Director at National Parks Conservation Association:

“Today’s move is just the latest in what have been far too many steps by the administration to prioritize the desires of polluters over the needs of public health and our national parks. Both of these rules are essential to reducing air pollution in parks, and to chip away at these rules to the point they are toothless will only put the health of the public, our national parks and their ecosystems at risk.”


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