Press Release Jun 14, 2017

Gettysburg National Military Park Safe from a Casino – For Now

In a victory for national park and historic preservation, an ill-advised proposal for a racetrack and casino near Gettysburg National Military Park was cancelled.

Gettysburg, PA – In a victory for national park and historic preservation, businessman David LeVan today cancelled a proposal for a casino and racetrack near Gettysburg National Military Park. Referred to as the Mason-Dixon Downs proposal, the proposed project was Mr. LeVan’s third attempt at building a casino near Gettysburg, a site that remembers those who fought and died in the bloodiest battle of the Civil War.

Despite today’s victory, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has approved and the Senate is considering legislation to allow for more casinos licenses in the Commonwealth, in addition to the remaining statewide license Mr. LeVan was pursuing for the now withdrawn Mason-Dixon Downs proposal.

Below is a statement by Joy Oakes, Senior Director of the Mid-Atlantic Region for National Parks Conservation Association

“Today’s announcement that a casino and racetrack will no longer be considered near Gettysburg is a victory for historic and national park preservation. National Parks Conservation Association worked in partnership with the Civil War Trust and some incredible local park advocates to oppose this inappropriate proposal.

“Thousands of Pennsylvanians have asked the Freedom Township Supervisors, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and State Horse Racing Commission to reject the Mason-Dixon Downs proposal.

“More than one million visitors come to this hallowed ground each year to learn about this pivotal and protected piece of American history. A race track and casino can be located many places — but there’s only one Gettysburg.”


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