This hallowed ground is no place for a race track and casino.

In the summer of 1863, the farming community of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, became the site of the bloodiest battle in the Civil War. The fierce fighting left 51,000 soldiers wounded, killed or captured in its wake, turning farm fields into graveyards and churches into hospitals. The preservation of the battlefield and the establishment of Gettysburg National Cemetery are testaments to the resolve of Gettysburg residents to not only rebuild their town but also to honor the fallen. Today, over 1 million visitors come to this hallowed ground each year to learn about this pivotal and protected piece of American history.

Yet, the stewards of this solemn site continue to face threats from incompatible development, including an active attempt to build a casino on the very doorstep of the park — for the third time.

This casino proposal is the wrong choice for Gettysburg because:

  • Gettysburg National Military Park attracts over 1 million visitors each year and provides proven economic benefits to the community through heritage tourism.
  • It could spur a ripple effect of future development between the proposed build site and the national park that would be incompatible with the rural and historic nature of the surrounding landscape.
  • The rural townships in the park’s southern communities are not currently equipped to manage the infrastructure needs of such ripple effect development, which would place a burden on township funds and tax dollars.
  • Gettysburg Battlefield is a memorial to the fallen and a sacred place to reflect on essential lessons of our nation’s past. The town is a family-friendly, hospitable destination. A race track and casino can be located many places — but there’s only one Gettysburg.

No casino should be granted a Gettysburg address. Please lend your voice to help NPCA defeat the proposal to build this inappropriate development near this iconic national park’s gateway once and for all.

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