Help stop a private company from moving forward on a harmful water-mining project near several beloved national park sites in California

A private company, Cadiz Inc., has spent 20 years attempting to build a pipeline that would remove enormous quantities of groundwater from the California desert to export and sell it to urban areas in Southern California. NPCA and its supporters have fought this project for years and are working with a broad coalition of advocates to keep this precious water where it belongs — in the desert, where wildlife and national park ecosystems rely on it.

In April 2017, however, the Trump administration reversed previous policies, making it easier for the Cadiz project to move forward on public land — without an environmental review. Worse, the administration indicated it could prioritize the project under the guise of “national security.”

If constructed, the proposed Cadiz Water Project would pump 16 billion gallons of water from a rural aquifer in the Mojave Desert every year for 50 years. The aquifer supports remote springs and landscapes that Native American tribes consider sacred and that support a variety of desert wildlife, including bighorn sheep, endangered desert tortoises and kit foxes. The project would be sited in the heart of Mojave Trails National Monument, near Mojave National Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park.

The National Park Service has expressed serious concerns about how this project could harm the desert springs that connect to Mojave National Preserve. The United States Geological Survey also determined that the recharge rate for the aquifer was dramatically lower than what Cadiz has estimated, meaning that the waters cannot naturally replenish themselves as quickly as the company has claimed they would. The water utility that manages an aqueduct required for the Cadiz Water Project previously rejected the proposal, also raising concerns that it would harm the environment.

In short, the numbers just don’t add up.

In July 2017, members of the California State Legislature began considering a bill (AB 1000) that would safeguard national parks, monuments, wilderness areas and state lands from groundwater mining projects in the California desert. NPCA strongly supports this measure and will continue to work with supporters, allies and political champions to stop this dangerous project.


  • More than 5,000 letters sent to the CA legislature in support of A.B. 1000

    Sep 2017

    Supporters urged California state legislators to support A.B. 1000 and safeguard the Mojave Desert's groundwater and the national parks, monuments and wildlife it supports!

  • More than 2,100 Californians took action to protect Mojave water

    Sep 2017

    National park advocates urged Senate pro Tem Kevin de León to advance A.B. 1000, legislation that would protect desert parks, monuments and wildlife!

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