Urge Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to continue building a new future for Yellowstone bison. Allowing the Yellowstone bison herd to increase naturally plays a role not only in the ecological health of Yellowstone, but also the restoration of tribal cultural herds across the west.

Yellowstone National Park is home to the nation’s only continuously wild herd of bison. They were saved over a century ago by the park after the population plummeted to near-extinction levels. However, due to an outdated management plan that dictates a small herd size, bison are rounded up and shipped off to slaughter each winter.

The National Park Service is taking the next step forward in park bison conservation and is seeking our input into how Yellowstone bison should be managed in the future. This is our chance to call for the end of the ship-to-slaughter program, allowing the herd to naturally increase in numbers so bison can continue to play an important role in the ecological health of Yellowstone.

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