A nearly $53 billion proposal, the most expensive in Army Corps history, aims to address storm surges (like Superstorm Sandy 11 years ago) by building 12 massive flood gates throughout the NY-NJ Harbor. This is not the right solution.

Flood gates do nothing to address frequent flood threats that plague our communities, make our streets impassible, trap basement and first-floor residents in their homes, and threaten the lives of our most vulnerable.

The Army Corps plan would irreversibly and drastically restrict water flow into Jamaica Bay, threatening the wildlife that calls the bay home.

The Army Corps’ plan is incomplete. Tell your Governor to demand an alternative plan that not only protects Jamaica Bay but also solves the multiple kinds of flooding we face every day.

This is the most expensive flood control plan from the Army Corps we’ve ever seen – but it’s a plan that falls short, restricts access to the waterfront and eliminates open spaces in the harbor. We can and must demand better for our local parks and communities.

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