Chaco Canyon needs permanent protections. Urge Congress to support the Chaco Culture Heritage Protection Act.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park and its surrounding areas are home to thousands of cultural sites, which are tremendously significant to the Tribal Nations with connections to the area. Despite this, more than 90% of lands in the Greater Chaco Region are leased for oil and gas by the Bureau of Land Management. This is terrible for Tribal Nations, local communities, delicate lands, and scarce water sources.

Some significant cultural sites at Chaco have already been destroyed and transformed into industrial parks. These developments threaten ecosystems, public health, and traditional ways of life.

Creating a permanent solution through legislation to protect federal lands within 10 miles of the park, and enacting broader protections across Greater Chaco, would address the cultural, climate, and community impacts of industrialized oil and gas development in the region.

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