Resource Aug 9, 2022

The Mill Keeper and NPCA: Partnering to Honor the Past & Inspire the Future

With a focus on sustainable business practices and land conservation, The Mill Keeper, by Gamble Family Vineyards, is partnering with National Parks Conservation Association to fight threats to our public lands and ensure our national parks are protected and preserved for present and future generations.

Fun Fact

The Mill Keeper celebrates Napa valley’s first mill keeper and an early wine industry pioneer, George Calvert Yount. But George Yount wasn’t the only family member with ties to the land. His nephew, Harry Yount, patrolled Yellowstone in the 1880s and is regarded as the world’s first park ranger.

The Mill Keeper and NPCA are working together to further land conservation efforts, while introducing the importance of park protection to new audiences to ensure our parks and public lands will continue to be cherished and enjoyed by future generations. The partnership is complemented by The Mill Keeper’s environmentally conscious vineyard methods and ongoing commitment to sustainable land management programs.

The Mill Keeper and NPCA encourage you to do your part to ensure that our public lands are protected for future generations to enjoy. Some of the many ways you can do your part include:

  • Protect our parks today by taking action through our advocacy petitions.
  • Share your love of public lands with your friends and family – reflect together on the importance of protecting these places and talk about ways you can support them for generations to come.
  • Use reusable items to help keep plastic waste out of our parks and out of the landfill.
  • Leave it better than you found it: don’t litter and properly dispose of all waste you aren’t able to pack out during your park visit.
  • Give to NPCA in support of our mission to protect and preserve our national parks.
  • Join as a member to help further NPCA’s park protection efforts.
  • Learn more about our work and how YOU can experience and protect the national parks.

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