Our goal is to offer NPCA members the best itineraries in adventure and educational travel in the places we know best: America’s national parks


Our unique tours are designed to give you exclusive experiences within the parks and special behind-the-scenes access to National Park Service staff, NPCA partners, and other local specialists. Our goal is to offer NPCA members the best itineraries in adventure and educational travel in the places we know best: America’s national parks. Starting in 2021, we will offer a handful of custom-designed itineraries and curated experiences that highlight NPCA’s important contributions to park protection while continuing to deliver outstanding interpretive hikes and sight-seeing in national parks around the country.


Your health and safety is our top priority. NPCA has worked with each of our travel partners to develop safety measures for our 2021 trips in response to the global pandemic. As conditions and guidelines continue to evolve, our travel partners are committed to easing concerns and creating flexible options for those interested in rescheduling or booking new travel.


Every trip will be led by an NPCA staff expert and naturalist guide. We are teaming up with experienced tour operators to provide you with professionally managed tours in and around our national parks. Your expert guides, guest lecturers and savvy NPCA staff will give you insights into the flora, fauna and history of each destination, leading lively discussions, and answering your questions.


Group size on each of our trips is limited to no more than 16 people. This size is designed to maximize your interactions with the experts, enhance wildlife viewing and boost educational opportunities throughout your experience. Another advantage to the small group size is your ability to get to know fellow travelers. Enjoy stimulating conversations with other like-minded NPCA members and supporters from around the country.


Everything is included in your tour, including meals, accommodations, snacks, interpretive guides, special speakers, transportation within the destination and all activities throughout the trip (unless otherwise stated). All you have to do is arrange your own travel to and from the destination, and if you prefer, our travel partners can also assist with that as well.


Responsible travel goes far beyond just recycling. It involves supporting cultural and natural heritage, maximizing the economic benefits in the destinations we operate in and establishing guidelines for managing environmental impacts. NPCA takes these practices seriously, which is why we only partner with tour operators that align with our own mission and values. Our goal is to ensure your travel will have a positive impact on the parks so that your children and their children can enjoy them in perpetuity. NPCA chooses tour operator partners based on their conservation efforts and their corporate and social responsibility, including making financial contributions to conservation organizations, supporting local communities and destinations and adhering to sustainability practices.


From the moment you book your NPCA trip, you will notice the great value and ease of traveling with NPCA. All pre-tour information is designed to prepare you for whatever you may encounter, from typical weather conditions and packing lists to highlights at each park and background reading lists. Our tours offer members the opportunity to explore the parks without the hassle of planning or the frustrations of crowds. We handle the logistics, so you don’t have to, giving you options based on your individual interests and ensuring a unique and extraordinary experience.


To secure your space on this NPCA trip, please contact Jared Dial, NPCA’s Travel Program Manager, at 1-800-628-7275 or email travel@npca.org.

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