Our goal is to offer premium educational travel itineraries in the places we know best: America’s national parks.

For over 100 years, NPCA has worked to protect places of unparalleled natural wonder, historical significance and cultural value. Now we want you to experience them firsthand. Our curated itineraries offer more than just sightseeing. With NPCA, you’ll delve into the cultural and natural history of each destination, guided by passionate experts who bring these stories to life. We believe that true appreciation for our parks goes hand in hand with awareness of the conservation efforts being made to protect them. Engage with park rangers, NPCA partners and local communities as they share their invaluable insights and discuss the challenges and triumphs of safeguarding these natural treasures. Leave with a deeper understanding of the critical role we all play in the future of our parks.

“I have visited many National Parks but going with an NPCA employee was the best experience. Their knowledge about the park, its past, present and future are invaluable and add so much to the park experience.” - Marian S.

Access NPCA Staff Expertise

Embark on extraordinary adventures led by our team of knowledgeable staff who represent a wide range of backgrounds. With expertise spanning environmental conservation, cultural heritage, wildlife biology and more, our staff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each journey. Delve into engaging discussions and gain unique insights into the issues that shape our parks, including land preservation, climate change and Indigenous perspectives. Together, we’ll explore the multifaceted aspects of these remarkable landscapes.

“My tour was memorable, enlightening, breathtakingly beautiful, and wonderfully planned and executed. I’m looking forward to my next adventure with NPCA!” - Kim P.

Travel with Purpose

When you choose to travel with NPCA, you’re not just embarking on an incredible journey – you’re making a meaningful impact. Our commitment to conservation runs deep, and we are proud to share that a portion of every trip’s fees directly supports NPCA’s vital work. Your choice to travel with us helps protect and strengthen the National Park System for generations to come.

“If there is a trip in your future, but the planning and organizing seems daunting, this is the way to go. Great itinerary, knowledgeable and caring staff, and like-minded people to enjoy it with.” - Lorraine R.

Enjoy Personalized and Intimate Experiences

Escape the crowds and embrace the beauty of small-group travel, where personal connections and tailored experiences take center stage. Our trips offer a more intimate setting, allowing you to forge meaningful connections with fellow travelers who share your passion for adventure and conservation.

Connect with NPCA Partners and Local Experts

Collaborate with key NPCA partners and local experts who are deeply connected to the destinations we visit. Engage in dialogue with scientists, community leaders and Tribal members who are at the forefront of conservation and preservation efforts. Their firsthand accounts and valuable perspectives will deepen your understanding of the challenges and successes in protecting our national parks.

“NPCA trips allows us to see a lot in each park that we might miss on our own.” - Don and Dee A.

Support Responsible Travel

Embrace the spirit of responsible travel as you embark on a journey that leaves a positive footprint on the planet. At NPCA, we prioritize partnering with responsible tour operators who share our commitment to sustainability and conservation. With their expertise and dedication, we ensure that every step of your trip aligns with our shared values.

“The NPCA hosts and trip leaders were outstanding and ensured a most amazing time, showing attention to each and every guest to ensure a special time was had by all.” - ReNae N.


To secure your space on any of our NPCA trips, please click the “Register Now” button at the top of the individual trip page or contact NPCA’s National Parks Experiences Program at 1-800-628-7275 or travel@npca.org.

Please note: NPCA is the only independent, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advocacy on behalf of the National Park System. Over 70% of our funding comes from donations from individuals like you. NPCA trips are an exclusive NPCA member benefit. One traveler per group must be an NPCA member to participate in an NPCA trip. An annual membership starts at $15 per person. Please make dues payable to NPCA by check or credit card at npca.org.

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