Report Sep 19, 2017

A Healthy Advantage

The Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) Active Plan is a blueprint for a 428-mile trail network that will link the rich natural, cultural and historical resources of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

The Active Plan integrates active transportation and active tourism development to create a unified regional identity for outdoor tourism and new resources and community pride for residents.

Sponsored by the Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation, University of Texas School of Public Health, and ten communities in Cameron County—with an expanding array of supporters and partners—the Active Plan supports job creation, tourism spending, and economic development across the county, and serves as a catalyst for healthier lifestyles for all Cameron County residents.

The LRGV Active Plan aims to help communities and businesses maximize the economic benefits of the area’s recreational, natural, cultural, and historic resources. The program springs from, and aims to build, regional cooperation and to strengthen connections between the region’s active tourism assets and the cities and towns they serve.

Many area residents, property owners, community leaders, and regional, state and federal partners contributed time, resources, knowledge, and insight to developing the Active Plan. Halff Associates, Inc. led a local team that assembled the plan, designed to be leveraged by the municipalities of Cameron County to build a vibrant active tourism economy and healthier communities.