Infographic Sep 29, 2015

Bison Infographic

NPCA is working to ensure that the nation's oldest herd of bison in America's first national park have the habitat they need to thrive.

Today, you can spot bison on menus at steakhouses or in the grocery store freezer, which might lead you to believe the animals are thriving, but the number of bison still roaming wild is a tiny fraction of the larger population. Smaller still are the number with unique genetics, which makes the Yellowstone herd vital to the long-term survival of the species. But outdated measures devised to curb the transmission of disease from bison to cattle have led officials to confine and slaughter bison for decades. As the National Park Service begins to work with tribes, the State of Montana, and other agencies, NPCA hopes to carve out more space for the species, which has a special place on the landscape in and around Yellowstone.

bison infographic

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