Report Apr 1, 2017

Northwest Regional Office Field Reports

These field reports provide timely updates and perspectives on issues of interest to our members and supporters in Oregon and Washington.

In the Spring 2017 Northwest Region Field Report we highlight:

  • U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio’s take on our national parks and his commitment to their preservation
  • Our collaboration with military veterans through The Mission Continues, and their invaluable service to our national parks
  • The power of national parks as a unifying feature of our country
  • NPCA’s efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in our work and in our public lands
  • Judy Pigott, a decades-long NPCA supporter and grizzly enthusiast
  • Updates on the North Cascades grizzly campaign, the Hear Our Olympics campaign, Crater Lake wilderness and the restoration of the Elwha River

Updated on 4/20/17 to correct a statistic in the article “Oregon’s Peter DeFazio, Park Champion.”