Report Jul 12, 2012

Pathways To Prosperity: The Natural Roots of Economic Success in the Crown of the Continent

Pathways To Prosperity Report (5.75 MB)

The stories in this report point to the Crown’s spectacular wildlife, its scenic appeal, and its unmatched outdoor recreation as anchors to which our economic success is tethered.

These natural assets are not just our inheritance; they must also be the legacy we leave. Parks need funding, trails need maintenance, wildlands need a buffer of compatible development, weeds need control, native fish need clean water. All this requires our attention and our continued commitment to invest in our natural infrastructure. Absent this investment, we weaken our brightest opportunities and jeopardize the entrepreneurial strength profiled in this report.

The stories featured in Pathways to Prosperity are as diverse as the landscape itself—but they are, in the end, just one story, our story, the story of how a unique people have come together in a unique place, creating a thriving blend of lifestyle and livelihood.

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