Report Feb 10, 2012

Green Budget 2013

Green Budget (2.17 MB)

This report, referred to as the Green Budget, highlights the environmental and conservation communities’ Fiscal Year 2013 National Funding Priorities. The Green Budget, prepared annually by a coalition of national environmental and conservation organizations,1 illustrates how federal investments can help meet the environmental challenges of a changing climate, develop our clean energy resources, and sustain our nation’s lands, waters, and other natural resources.

Use this document when developing and considering federal budget and appropriations proposals. This report includes a short background on the benefits and challenges for dozens of important environmental and energy programs as well as corresponding funding recommendations. As stewards of our surroundings, we have a responsibility to act now and sufficiently fund the programs that help ensure the water we drink is clean, the air we breathe is pure, the energy we use is renewable and sited responsibly, and the wild landscapes and wildlife we care about are protected for the enjoyment of countless Americans today and in the future.

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