Report Sep 21, 2011

Making Connections: Colonial National Historical Park

Colonial Report (3.23 MB)

Every national park exists in a context. Colonial National Historical Park’s context is marked by a long tradition of support and partnership. Uniquely, Colonial NHP connects an array of public and private sites that complement each other in preserving and interpreting a rich history spanning the American colonial period and beyond.

The Historic Triangle region has built an extraordinarily successful tourism industry. Colonial NHP is a strong component. This Making Connections report explores the park’s economic contributions to its neighboring communities, delving beyond its role as a destination for history-seeking travelers.

This report also identifies some issues and opportunities that could affect the future of the park, Historic Triangle communities, and the broader region. Making Connections is also an invitation. We hope after you read this report, you will be more involved, and forge new connections that will continue this region’s success.

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