Report Mar 17, 2010

Restore-a-Nation: The Economic Benefits of Restoring Our National Parks

Restore-A-Nation Report (5.34 MB)

This report published by the National Parks Conservation Association, highlights the need for continuing investments in climate restoration projects to sustain economies, maintain healthy ecosystems, and create American jobs.

What does it mean to “restore” a river, a national park, or for that matter, a nation? In conservation terms, restoration is defined as the process of re-establishing self-sustaining habitats and building resilience to support numerous species now and in the future.

Resilient ecosystems are essential not only for fish and wildlife but for countless American communities whose economic well-being and jobs depend on the goods and services provided by a sustainable, functioning natural environment. Healthy ecosystems provide communities with clean drinking water and flood protection, as well as other economic draws such as fishing, tourism, and recreational activities, especially in rural areas.

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