Prerna Bhat is an Austin, Texas native who, as an environmental professional, entered the political world to help elect and support leaders who actually believe in climate change and the need for equitable environmental justice solutions.

She is an experienced community organizer and coalition builder, having worked in field and AAPI organizing across Presidential and Senate campaigns. She loves bringing people together and leads with that sense of inclusion. Prerna continues to be involved in AAPI community organizing, environmental policy and advocacy, and other initiatives in Texas and nationwide, and is committed to building strong coalitions, uplifting underrepresented communities, and fighting hard for a better future for our country and our planet.

What I love about national parks:

Getting my National Park Passport stamped! But really, the chance to experience our country’s natural beauty while learning about our inspiring – but also often troubling and problematic – history, particularly around efforts to protect what was considered “wild spaces,” is really important in understanding our past in order to do better in the present and future.