Before joining NPCA, Natalie spent the majority of her career in client-facing roles, and defines herself as a true "people person."

After graduating from University of Delaware with a degree in Animal Science, she found herself veering from the path of Veterinary school looking for a different route. She decided to start fresh and move to Oahu, Hawaii and attend Shidler College of Business where she later earned her MBA. After 5 years of living in Hawaii, she developed a love for the outdoors and a passion for hiking in the beautiful landscape of the islands. Moving on from Hawaii, she then relocated to Denver, CO which tied together her love of the outdoors with an urban environment and provided the best of both worlds. She is beyond excited to join the NPCA team and continue her passion for making a difference in our world through meaningful work. Working closely with generous supporters who are considering Estate Giving is truly an honor and is what ensures the future of our parks for years to come.