Leyna Stemle is a conservation biologist that is currently a Biology PhD Candidate at the University of Miami. Originally from the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, Leyna has always been a passionate environmentalist and scientist. The time spent in forests and creeks in Missouri with friends and family sparked her love for nature.

As a scientist, Leyna is interested in geographic information systems, conservation, herpetology, habitat use, wildlife survivorship, and animal movement. More specifically, she is interested in how we can use movement and habitat use data to improve management practices and policies for wildlife. Leyna has many years of experience leading research projects; for example, she earned a Fulbright Award in Ghana, studying sea turtle and artisanal fisheries interactions. She is enthusiastic about protected lands and parks, getting people into nature and showing them how great reptiles and amphibians can be, and being involved in campus sustainability initiatives. When Leyna isn’t deep into a research project, she is hiking, camping, doing yoga, reading, or spending time with her two rescued cats. Her favorite park is Big Cypress National Preserve!