This historic site in the Hudson Valley area of New York state includes the Val-Kill Cottage where Eleanor Roosevelt lived after the death of her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in 1945. She lived in the cottage for 17 years and maintained a politically active life, serving as American ambassador to the United Nations and chair of its Human Rights Commission, helping to write the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

America's Longest-Serving First Lady

Eleanor Roosevelt transformed the role of First Lady with her political influence. She held press conferences, gave lectures and wrote a daily newspaper column expressing her views while maintaining an integrity and graciousness that endeared her to many of her political opponents.

Updates on Eleanor Roosevelt

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    The 8 National Parks Devoted to Women’s History

    Mar 2016 | By Jennifer Errick

    Women comprise more than half of the population and make history virtually everywhere. Yet, only eight U.S. national park sites specifically commemorate some aspect of women’s history.


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