Clara Barton founded the Red Cross in 1881 after serving as a teacher, a patent office clerk and a Civil War nurse in a long career devoted to helping others. Her home served as the headquarters for the Red Cross and a storehouse for disaster relief supplies. Visitors can see 11 rooms that have been restored to their 19th century appearance and learn more about the life of this trailblazing humanitarian.

Protecting our parks from private toll lanes.

For years Maryland has discussed solutions to our state’s traffic. Unfortunately, the only solution currently proposed by Governor Larry Hogan involves building expensive, private toll lanes.

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The "Angel of the Battlefield"

Clara Barton tended to the wounded during the Civil War, earning her the nickname of the Angel of the Battlefield. She also ran the Office of Missing Soldiers after the war, helping to locate more than 22,000 missing soldiers and responding to inquiries from family members.

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