Three and a half hours east of the world-famous Grand Canyon, a majestic but much lesser-known canyon offers a more solitary Southwestern experience on colorful lands entirely within the Navajo Nation. Drive along the north and south rims to enjoy incredible vistas, including a view of the park’s dramatic 800-foot monolith, Spider Rock. Hike the only public trail (two and a half miles round-trip) into the canyon to see the White House Ruin left by Ancestral Puebloans. Hire a Navajo guide to explore even more of the canyon’s geology and learn about the native people who continue to live and grow food in the canyon as their families have for generations.

"Deep in the Rock"

The name Canyon de Chelly (pronounced "shay") derives from the Navajo word for the region, Tséyi’, which translates to "deep in the rock."

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