Press Release Oct 6, 2015

Feds Pump the Brakes on Desert Water Mining Scheme

Statement by David Lamfrom, Director, California Desert and Wildlife Program, National Parks Conservation Association

“The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) decision is supported by law, policy, and commonsense, and prevents a clear attempt by Cadiz Inc. to create a loophole to avoid federal review. The BLM has a responsibility to all Americans to fully understand the impacts this project proposes on public lands, including impacts on our water resources and national parks. This decision opens the door for good science and objective decision makers to participate.”

““We continue to ask that the United States Geological Survey once and for all, settle questions about what the annual recharge is for this important aquifer, which gives rise to the region’s sacred springs, decade’s old salt mining businesses, and important wildlife.”

“With the BLM’s decision, a likely next step for Cadiz Inc. will be to put its proposal up for federal environmental review – a process that it underwent more than a decade ago, where significant environmental impacts were identified.”

“The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) believes that full examination of the Cadiz Inc. proposal will once again prove that it is unsustainable and that it will harm our desert national parks, communities, businesses, and wildlife. NPCA’s opposition to the water mining proposal is echoed by diverse and broad supporters, including elected officials, municipalities, Native American tribes, local water agencies, ranchers, local businesses, and miners.”

Background: The Bureau of Land Management announced its determination that the Cadiz, Inc. proposal for a water pipeline in California’s Mojave Desert is not within the scope of the existing railroad rights-of-way. The Cadiz water project would take more than 16 billion gallons of water per year from the Mojave Desert and pump it to southern Orange County, creating numerous problems for desert lands and animals.


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