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Underwood Wine Joins National Parks Conservation Association in Celebrating Pride Month in National Parks

NPCA celebrated Pride in Our Parks in June 2024 with events across the country in partnership with Underwood.

Washington, D.C. – Last month, with their partners Underwood, a wine label produced by Union Wine Company, National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) hosted events at national parks across the country for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month. The events were part of NPCA’s fourth annual “Pride in Our Parks” celebration and are part of NPCA’s work to ensure that national parks are accessible and equitable for all to enjoy.

Held in Biscayne, Olympic and Indiana Dunes National Parks, the events – which took place during three weekends in June – were free to all attendees and featured social media influencers in the national parks and outdoors space who are also members of the LGBTQ+ community who shared their knowledge about parks and the importance of ensuring that all feel welcome when exploring them. The events featured educational programming about NPCA’s work in and around the parks themselves from NPCA’s staff experts as well as activities like snorkeling, hiking and guided walks that offered attendees an opportunity to explore parks and build community.

“It’s truly amazing how powerful representation can be and how impactful it is to be out in large numbers,” said one attendee who joined one of the Pride in Our Parks events hosted in Olympic National Park. “It’s moments like this that remind me the power of being out and proud.”

Aligned with NPCA’s values, Underwood donated $25,000 to NPCA in support of NPCA’s mission to ensure national parks are accessible and equitable places for all to enjoy. Throughout the month of June, NPCA and Union Wine Company shared highlights from the events to their social media, underscoring the importance of inclusion in the outdoors and the ways that national parks can serve as a common thread and point of connection for members of the LGBTQ+ community. These events mark NPCA’s largest Pride in Our Parks activation to date, with attendees joining from across the country.

“National parks are places we go to be inspired and be together, and everyone should feel welcome in them,” said Theresa Pierno, President and CEO for National Parks Conservation Association. “Through our Pride in Our Parks events, we wanted to create opportunities for members of the LGBTQ+ community to connect with our national parks and with each other. We were so proud to partner with Union Wine Company to bring these inclusive events to life, and they will no doubt have a lasting impact on all who attended them.”

“At Union Wine Company, we believe that access to wilderness is essential for everyone,” said Ryan Harms, Founder and CEO of Union Wine Company. “We love being outdoors, soaking in the beauty that surrounds us. That’s why we proudly support the NPCA mission to ensure our national parks are accessible to all.”

To learn more about the Pride in Our Parks events, please visit here.


About the National Parks Conservation Association: Since 1919, the nonpartisan National Parks Conservation Association has been the leading voice in safeguarding our national parks. NPCA and its more than 1.6 million members and supporters work together to protect and preserve our nation’s most iconic and inspirational places for future generations. For more information, visit

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